LC401 ‘Smooth Operator’

Dual Channel Servo Smoother



The LC401 is designed to measure the signal from the radio receiver, calculate the required position of the servo, and then hold the servo in that position without the jitter caused by radio interference. It’s unique algorithm ensures excellent interference rejection without the slowed response that some other smoother introduce.

Connecting Up

The servo smoother fits in between the receiver and the servos.

If you are only using one servo, fit the plug with the white mark into the receiver (either channel 1 or channel 2 as required), and fit the servo into the socket from the smoother with the white mark. Leave the remaining plug and socket from the smoother unconnected.

If you are using two servos, fit the plug with the white mark into the channel 1 socket on the receiver, and the servo for channel one into the socket from the smoother with the white mark. The other plug should go to the socket for channel two, with the servo for that channel being plugged into the remaining socket on the smoother.

There are no other connections to the smoother. Like the servos, it receives its power from the receiver.

Other points

The servo smoother is sealed in plastic to prevent it from being damaged. However, like all electronic items it should be treated with respect. In particular, the plugs and sockets can be damaged by dirt getting on to the contacts. Avoid placing the RC equipment in areas likely to subjected to water, grit or excess heat.

It is a wise precaution to switch the equipment off before connecting or disconnecting any devices.


The LC401 is guaranteed for a period of five years from manufacture against defects in manufacture or materials, and will be repaired or replaced free of charge should such a fault develop. This does not include damage caused by misuse or accident, for which repairs will be chargeable.


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