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Forget track cleaning and wiring and enjoy running trains

Want the ultimate in model railway operation - real cab control? Convert your models to radio control using the LC302 or LC301. At 24mm x 18mm x 10mm, the LC302 is the tiniest RC speed controller on the market, with a super-efficient voltage drop of only 0.25 volts to preserve battery life. It's microprocessor brain provides superb control with no jerks, allowing the use of cheaper AM equipment, and full proportional control from crawl to maximum with automatic drive at any speed, controlled acceleration £49.95 The slightly larger LC301 is also available at the same price.

You will also need a transmitter/receiver Combo set (£35 for an AM set), recharger and rechargeable loco batteries (various shapes and sizes from £8 for 6 volts or £16 for 12 volt - full details in the catalogue) so you can convert an existing loco using our equipment from about £100.

The system is designed for O gauge, but with output currents of up to 5 amps it can be used on larger models as well. Some HO and OO gauge models can be converted as well.

The range of conventional model railway controllers by Modular Controls was sold to Roger Murray Colour Light Signals.

Tense, nervous servos? Get dual-action relief!

Why suffer from radio control jitters, when our new dual ‘Smooth Operator’ servo smoother will cope with two channels in a single unit. Its powerful smoothing algorithm removes spurious movement while retaining a fast response when desired. Special introductory price £44.95 (inc P&P) Instructions

We truly believe that the LC301 and LC302 are the best RC speed controllers available for model railway use anywhere.  However, don't just take our word for it - check out the competition.  Some devices include the transmitter and receiver in the device, rather than using separate RC equipment, so some questions do not apply (marked *).  When comparing units, you might like to consider the following:

The LC301 and LC302 are supplied with comprehensive instructions(LC301, LC302) and a fuse holder and fuse.

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